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As part of Digital Drive’s first birthday celebrations on 30th January 2019, we’re profiling some of the businesses involved in the programme so far...

Aura Infection Control Ltd

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Aura Infection Control Ltd

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Adam Sowerby

What does your business do?

Aura Infection Control is the leading supplier of infection control products and services to the dental market in the UK and Ireland. We are based in County Durham.

What’s your biggest success/ achievement of the past year?

After a period of sustained growth we have acquired a brand new office, previously our office was combined with our warehouse space. Our new office contains a state of the art Dental Decontamination Suite. This suite will be home to a new ILM approved Dental Decontamination course, which will allow students from all over the country to get hands on with practical workshops.

What’s been the best part of the Digital Drive programme for you so far?

The quality of the workshops has been fantastic. All speakers are incredibly knowledgeable and are obviously very passionate about the digital industry. There is never a boring lecture, nor have I ever left without having a headful of new ideas.

There is also a great sense of togetherness with fellow attendees at the workshops. In a sense we are all in the same boat when it comes to trying to navigate the digital ocean, being able to network and bounce around ideas with other delegates is fantastically helpful and eye-opening.

What’s the best tip you’ve picked up from attending Digital Drive workshops that you’d like to pass on to others?

How importance consistency is across all of the businesses communication channels. We are now seeing how important a consistent brand message across all communication channels is, something that is keenly pointed out in the digital drive workshops.

What’s next for your business over the coming year?

We have a busy year coming up, we are attending 6 trade shows this year, up from our usual one a year. So naturally this will include a lot of planning and effort! We are hoping to consistently fill our Decontamination course and hopefully qualify a lot more dental personal to ensure patients are treated in a safe environment.

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