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I’m Helen and I’ve been in the business support landscape for over 15 years, helping businesses start up and grow. I’ve worked with a variety of software and systems over the years, from social media scheduling and content design tools (Canva) through to Sage Accounts, CRM, webchat widgets and business intelligence.


I understand many of the barriers you face in adopting and applying digital (from lack of confidence and not knowing where to start, through to financial barriers and internal resource) and that’s what I’m here for.. to help guide you and match you to the best tools and resources available and providing a listening ear to help you through your journey…

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I’m Stephen and I’ve spent over 15 years in business support and the private sector helping businesses grow and develop. I’ve delivered a combination of technology-based roles and digital projects. This has allowed me the opportunity to get hands on experience of managing a variety of digital processes - including digital marketing campaigns, social media, web development and digitising business systems.


I’m here to try and make it easier for you to understand the digital aspects of your business and support you to develop them further. I understand many of the challenges of running a business and the barriers to success. Hopefully, I can help you overcome some of them…

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Thursday 10th June

9.30am - 4.30pm


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Tuesday 25th May

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Friday 30th April

10am - 11.30am

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Eligibility for the Digital Drive programme is assessed on a case by case basis in line with ERDF and project eligibility guidance. Your business should be actively trading from an address in County Durham (Durham County Council area) and be classified as an SME (under 250 FTE employees and under €50m turnover). Other eligibility criteria may apply.

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