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Your website can be your most powerful tool when it comes to selling who you are and what you do, but too often businesses don't make the most of their website and it ends up taking up lots of time with very little return. Join us on 17th February at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham to Master Your Website and make sure that your website is delivering to best results for your business.


Digital Drive brings you this amazing conference event which is FREE to attend for businesses across County Durham. Make sure you attend this event in order to learn:


  • How to create a brilliant search strategy that will get more people than ever before to visit your website

  • How to optimise your website so that it appears in more search engine results

  • The changes you need to make to your website to attract and sell to businesses outside of the UK

  • What is required to create a benefit driven website that will convert leads into sales

  • How to sell directly from your website using a range of eCommerce tools

  • Understand your website analytics in order to make small changes over time that will increase your sales



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08:45 - 09:00



Get to know each other and create new business opportunities. 


10:15 - 10:30 


Get to know each other and create new business opportunities. 


12:00 - 12:45

Lunch & Networking

Get to know each other and create new business opportunities. 

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13:45 - 15:15

Let's Talk Analytics - An Essential Introduction To Google Analytics & Data - Amy Stockdale

It's more than likely that you've heard of Google Analytics. It's also more than likely that you're aware you should be measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. But you're not. And it's not because you can't be bothered, or because you don't understand the benefit. It's mainly because you just don't know where to start with it all! Which is where this 90-minute masterclass comes in.


Providing you with the basic knowledge and strategy-driven mindset you need to tackle data and your web analytics, we'll explore the world of Google Analytics (Universal & GA4) and understand precisely why you should continue to make it a regular part of your online activity. 

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09:15 - 09:20

Welcome - Host: Pascal Fintoni

A warm welcome from our host Pascal Fintoni to set out the agenda for the day. 

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10:30 - 12:00 (Room 1)

Setting a course for success with SEO - Steven Parker

It can be somewhat daunting when looking into SEO for the first time, with so many acronyms and tricky theories it can be easier to push it down the to-do list! In this fast-paced and interactive session, we will look at the essentials that need to be covered in order for the search engines to find your website and then start to surface your content to their users. This session will cover:

  • Setting your SEO strategy and action plan

  • Implementing best practice technical considerations on your website

  • How to track success and impact


12:45 - 13:45

Experience Matters: Creating Benefit-Driven Websites that Convert - Helena Hill

According to Zendesk's 2021 Customer Expectation Report, over 80% of customers will switch to a competitor after only one bad experience with a business.


These experiences often include poor website usability or a sub-optimal user experience. How can you make simple, yet effective changes to your website to increase the likelihood of user conversions into paying customers?


In this session, Helena Hill. UX Consultant and Strategist, will talk you through how you can design and make positive changes to your website quickly and easily. 


15:15 - 15:30

Networking Break

Get to know each other and create new business opportunities. 


09:20 - 10:15

How to Build a Brilliant Search Strategy - Chris Nightingale

Chris will cover the key steps for planning and implementing a PPC strategy within your business. It will addresses the key concepts in an strong  search marketing strategy and detail best practices for research and analysis. The session will cover:

  • Finding, building and reviewing search keywords

  • How to effectively work and make the most of Google ads

  • Creating Compelling Copy

  • Utilising Automation & AI

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10:30 - 12:00 (Room 2)

How to internationalise your website to create more sales - Norma Foster

Your website is key to helping overseas customers find your product or service offer and encouraging them to buy from you. Trust and understanding are so important - are you easy to find, easy to contact and easy to do business with no matter where in the world your customers are based? We will make it easier for you to grow sales, reputation and credibility in export markets.  

In this session you will learn how to target your international audience and optimise your website effectively based on your customers’ needs to:  

  • Adapt to different cultures 

  • Be visible on the international web 

  • Increase traffic and overseas enquiries  

  • Forge ahead of competitors in global markets  

  • Create great international content that attracts overseas customers  

  • Introduce languages to your website, which could increase sales by 400% 

  • Maintain good, consistent results 

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13:45 - 15:15 (Room 1)

Set up, grow, go!
Your guide to building an effective eCommerce website - Daniel Dixon

Daniel will take you through everything you need in setting up, running and growing your eCommerce presence.

Daniel will show you exactly what your online store needs to be successful, from on-site experience to connecting it to other sales channels and everything in between.

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15:30 - 16:30

Your Customers Need More Than A Website, Act Now! - Pascal Fintoni

Pascal Fintoni will take an often comical look at the good, the bad and the ugly of website experience and ask the following question:

Why are some websites trying so hard to turn online customers into online complainers?

Combining anecdotes from his 25+ years experience in website design with practical do’s and don’ts and the occasional reference to pop culture, we will explore how to prepare ourselves for the 2022-25 Internet Users.

Key take-aways include:

- why ‘under-communication’ is the new challenge for website managers

- 3 levels of website experience

- 4 types of website visitors and how to avoid turning them into complainers

- what the website of the future could look like and why you should act now!