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Creating content that connects with your customers is a key part of a successful sales and marketing strategy in 2021.  Content marketing is changing, and quickly.   With so many outlets to reach your customers it can be hard to decide what you need to do, when you need to do it, and importantly – how to do it!


Digital Drive is calling on all of our businesses to come together (virtually!) on 2nd December as part of “Content Creators Unite.” This fantastic virtual conference will enable attendees to learn from leading content creations experts in order to create the ultimate content marketing toolkit for their business.


This event will help you drive your business forward through mastering the elements of content marketing that your business needs to understand in 2021 and beyond.  Our keynotes and workshops will focus on:

  • Podcasting

  • Blogging

  • Photography

  • Design skills for beginners

  • Written Content

  • Video content for social platforms


Our closing keynote will feature a special session with Pascal Fintoni, who will take a look at the visual storytelling techniques used in classic movies that you should be using in video marketing right now!



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9:00 - 9:30



Get to know each other and create new business opportunities. 

Jonny Ross

10:45 - 11:45 (Room 1)

Blogging - tips, tricks and how to be strategic - Jonny Ross 

This seminar will look at how blogging can be used strategically to power growth and how to track ROI and performance of a website. Delivered by Jonny Ross, this session will help with understanding the steps needed to design your blog campaigns.


Our expert speaker will guide you through practical and useful tips which you can implement straight away in your business.


Learn best practice blog titles, SEO techniques, coming up with ideas, blog calendars, how to share blogs, how to create engagement and much more!

Bilal Jogi

13:20 - 14:20 (Room 1)

Tiktok and Instagram for Business - Bilal Jogi

A look at how start-ups and SME's can maximize these platforms, the talk will cover the following:

  • How to create quick content strategies

  • The do's and don'ts

  • Tools to help you make content

  • Creating a weekly/monthly schedule to post 

Pascal Fintoni

15:20 - 16:20

The Power of Visual Storytelling - Pascal Fintoni 

Have you ever wondered why stories are so powerful and how filmmakers manage to transport an audience to a different world?


In this final presentation, Pascal Fintoni will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery and will reveal the many visual storytelling techniques used in classic movies that you should be using in video marketing right now!

  • Key take-aways include:

  • What is really means to become a video marketer in the digital age

  • The 7 storytelling techniques and how to plan your future video projects

  • The 3 camera angles that will transform your audience experience

  • Using your mobile phone like an indie filmmaker to capture great visuals

  • Lessons from the past and why they still matter today

  • Your 2022 visual storytelling challenge - Competition Time!

Ian Farrar

09:30 - 09:45

Welcome - Host: Ian Farrar

A warm welcome from our host Ian Farrar to set out the agenda for the day. 

Pascal Fintoni

10:45 - 11:45 (Room 2)

Write - Edit - Repeat 
Pascal Fintoni

A look at the art and science of writing for the web and the importance of discovering and nurturing your online voice to avoid the dreaded writer's block!


In this fast-paced masterclass, Pascal Fintoni will demonstrate how you can create better written content faster and thouroughly enjoy the process too.

WEB SQ Laura Pearman - Laura Pearman Creative

13:20 - 14:20 (Room 2)

Getting to grips with Canva. A Workshop to maximize your visual results - Laura Pearman

Due to popular demand Creative and Branding expert, Laura Pearman is hosting this interactive workshop to show you exactly how to get amazing results from the online tool Canva.


In this session, she will demonstrate how she uses it in addition to more advanced tools like Adobe Suite and is here for you to ask all of your Canva Questions. Be ready to take notes and interact to maximise this incredible opportunity to upskill yourself for your business and brand.

WEB SQ Laura Pearman - Laura Pearman Creative

09:45 - 10:45

Show up online and promote your business with Pro-Level Video and Photography created on your phone - Laura Pearman

Laura Pearman from Laura Pearman Creative is back! Her sessions on how to create professional-level imagery and video footage on a budget with your phone are always so popular for a reason.


In this keynote session, Laura condenses down her years of Commercial Photography experience shooting with entrepreneurs and influencers all over the world into some easy to understand practical steps that you can use immediately in your business to show up online with creativity and consistency to grow your business and brand.

Ian Farrar

12:20 - 13:20 

The Power of Podcasting with top indie ranking podcaster - Ian Farrar

Ian Farrar is an authority in podcasting, he will be speaking about the positive impact that podcasts can bring to your business by giving you a step-to-step guide of how to plan your own podcast and successfully publish your content across digital platforms. The session wil cover 

  • Required equipment 

  • Hosting

  • Social Media Techniques

  • Proven Launch Strategy

  • Tips to Attract Speakers

  • How To Get Featured On Podcasts

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14:20 - 15:20

Using Creative Content to Grow Your Business - Panel Discussion 

Ian Farrar will host our panel session with local businesses on how they have used creative content to grow and promote their business, and they will give their hints and tips for you to takeaway. 

Joining Ian will be 

Jeni Smith - Networking Knowho

Liza Johnson - Tea Enthusiasts