Video Marketing & YouTube training session with Pascal Fintoni

Updated: Apr 22

Welcome to our webinar replay! If you missed our Video Marketing & YouTube training session with Pascal Fintoni, now's your chance to catch up. Luckily enough, we have a recording that we're happy to share with you.

So as always, you have two options. Either watch or listen to the whole webinar in one go during your lunchbreak. OR you can use the time stamps below to fast-forward to what is of most interest to you. Either way, make sure you've got a notepad so you don't miss any of the great advice given by our lead trainer Pascal Fintoni.

[00:08:00] Part 1 – Why Video Marketing – A reminder of the 3 key principles that will inform your video marketing activities and the 3 stages you will follow to become a video marketer : Build your confidence, Build you audience and Build you brand.

[00:23:20] Part 2 – Rethink Youtube with Video Curation – We will look at a very simple yet powerful tactic to launch or relaunch your Youtube Channel without the pressure of creating your own videos by using the 'Share-Embed-Save formula'.

[00:39:00] Part 3 – Share your expertise with Video Contribution – In this session we discuss how to be the perfect guest on a webinar or expert Q&A video series, in the process learning more about creating video and building your own online following.

[00:56:00] Part 4 – Market your business with Video Creation – A detailed session on the 9 essential videos you should be creating with your phone or laptop using these 3 video creation steps: Video Messaging - Video Meeting - Video Marketing. Full of great advice!

Thanks again for listening, please let us know how implementing these tips helps you with your video marketing marketing tactics!

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