The Top 5 Marketing Experts to Keep Up With!

With so many avenues online, making sure you’re filtering through the fog and reaching the useful advice is essential in effectively managing your time, as well as learning about how to utilise digital marketing techniques effectively!

So, let us help, here’s a quick run-down on some of the best places to keep an eye on for expert content and get advice from some of the industry’s top marketers. There are many, many others that are helpful, but here’s a few of our favourites...

5. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is a podcast hosted by John J Wall and Christopher S Penn, both respected marketers throughout the industry. Christopher S. Penn is actually a professor of Advanced Social Media in the University of San Francisco. This podcast goes over a range of different topics as well as covering multiple levels of difficulty and knowledge. Podcasts also make it easy to soak information up by listening as well as being able to complete other tasks, if you can, playing through your car speakers or during your commute is a great way to get into the zone on your way to the office! Subscribe through Apple | Google .

4. Hubspot

Personally, one of my go to locations for quick questions and article-based advice. Hubspot has an easy to negotiate layout and potentially an answer to any question you could come up with! They offer ebooks, guides, blog content, reports AND courses for certification from Hubspot. There are many opportunities to learn on this site, with years of content collated into one website from industry experts and hubspot directly. This is probably the best option when you have a specific query that you need answering, and often will come up as the top result if you google a marketing related question.

3. Moz

Moz is a great place for articles, like many of the other sources on this list. BUT, one of the best tools they have available on their site are the SEO resources. You can upgrade your websites’ SEO using lots of their available tools, from keyword generators to link explorers. The link explorer is in particular a great option to kick things off with your SEO journey. This can be a little confusing, but to break it down simply search engines will send bots through your website and use the quality of the links inside it and how they connect to judge your website and build a profile, this profile will affect your search engine listings. Moz’s link explorer can help you to utilise the effectiveness of your website links and test them the way a bot would!

2. Gary Vee Daily

Available in podcast, Youtube video and blog format…Gary Vaynerchuck has become one of THE go-to people in social media marketing. He successfully rose to the top on many different platforms as a personal brand and moved to giving deliverable advice to entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Gary Vee specialises in advice on content creation, giving insight on how to repurpose as well as document your days as they are instead of struggle to create and come up with ideas.

Be warned, his manner is not for the faint of heart, with lots of colourful language. Make sure you’ve got your headphones on before playing out loud through the office.

1. Digital Drive Durham

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