Social Media News Round Up - February March 2019

Welcome to another recording of our News Round Up with social media expert Nathalie Eminae from Ococo Media .

Leon Howe, Durham City Incubator Manager, joins me to ask questions about what has been happening in the past couple of months and how we should adapt our social media activities.

There are two options for you:

1. go for a 'lunch and learn' approach with the interview playing in the background whilst you get on with other tasks and enjoy your lunch break (almost like your favourite radio show!)

2. go for a 'pick and mix' style learning and fastforward to the topics most relevant to you using the timestamping below the video.

In both cases, make sure to have your pen and notebook at hand, Natalie does share a lot of practical advice!

[00:03:25] Linkedin Updates: after playing catch up with video, advertising and a few other features, you can now upload your customers data to help you find a matching audience on Linkedin which is perfect for market research. You can also add a document to your posts and we are patiently waiting for the roll-out of live video.

[00:16:55] Facebook Updates: it has been rather quiet in terms of official news from the platform, we suspect they are saving all the good stuff for their forthcoming conference F8 2019. We spotted the release of their Success Storieswhich highlights what works and what does not work across sectors for small and large businesses.

[00:19:50] Instagram Updates: making a purchase directly from your Instagram news feed will soon become a reality with a trial in the US for the top 20-25 brands. We suspect that the roll-out will happen this year for all of us.

[00:27:15] WhatsApp Updates: iPhone users can now access WhatsApp For Business and use the platform for both marketing and customer service just like Android users, this is an untapped opportunity for small businesses.

[00:36:10] Snapchat Updates: introducing games and its own entertaining shows to retain and build its dedicated audience, the attraction remains peer to peer interaction and supporting content creators as opposed to communicating with brands.

[00:39:50] Twitter Updates: the platform is testing the addition of labels in tweets to highlight the original author and top responders and make it easier to follow discussions and exchanges between individuals. Its user base is still very loyal and we suspect that more features will be released during 2019.

[00:46:10] Social Media App Of The Month: Rite Tag to help you find the right hashtags to join in the right conversations using the strategy below:

[00:47:35] Strategy Of The Month: Try out Gary Vaynerchuk's $1.80 tactic to grow your reputation and audience on social media. For more information check out this article on his official website.

[00:47:45] Content Creator Of The Month: Richard Tubb who has impressed us with his dedication to his community and drive to add value via his blog and podcasting.

We hope you found the content useful and do get in touch with your questions and suggestions for our monthly social media news roundups via

Finally, do have a listen to the 2019 Social Media Strategies recommended by Natalie Eminae. You will not regret it!

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