Social Media News Round Up - F8 2019

Welcome to another recording of our News Round Up with social media expert Nathalie Eminae from Ococo Media .

Leon Howe, Durham City Incubator Manager, joins our very own Pascal Fintoni to cover all the exciting announcements in this years' F8 Conference.

There are two options for you:

1. go for a 'lunch and learn' approach with the interview playing in the background whilst you get on with other tasks and enjoy your lunch break (almost like your favourite radio show!)

2. go for a 'pick and mix' style learning and fastforward to the topics most relevant to you using the timestamping below the video.

In both cases, make sure to have your pen and notebook at hand, so you don't miss the changes coming our way!

[00:01:08] What is F8? : This introduction section is the perfect breakdown if you're completely foreign to the concept of Facebook's F8 conference. Nathalie breaks down what it is as well as the importance of why Facebook for business users should stay up to date.

[00:06:55] F8 2018 Highlights: Pascal breaks down the highlights and key moments of last years' F8 conference.

[00:13:40] F8 2019 Keynote: Compared to last year, the focus for 2019 was clear: 'The Future Is Private'. Pascal breaks down this key phrase and what it means to us with explanations on digital town squares vs digital living room.

[00:28:00] Changes - Design & Features: Facebook announced a few important changes in this conference. Starting with the change to white! This section breaks down the design changes as well as the move to focus on groups and the new features which will enable that.

[00:46:40] Messenger Updates: Introducing a desktop app, end to end encryption and a new release which offers interaction between messenger, instagram and whatsapp.

[00:54:49] Instagram Updates: The platform is testing the removal of 'likes' and 'follower' counts. Instead opting to focus on the quality of content, and develop the idea of 'meaningful interaction'. There is also the addition of anti-bullying features including nudges when you are about to post negative comments.

[01:10:45] Whatsapp: With development to their 'whatsapp for business' application, this offers some interesting updates and accessibility for start up businesses with their new features.

[01:19:18] AR & VR: Facebook are ever further branching out into the worlds of Augmented and Virtual reality. With the international launch of the 'portal' hardware and updates to 'occular' there were plenty of exciting things to come announced this year.

[01:30:30] Close: With the idea of meaningful interaction, has come the outline of well being with social media. In the close we discuss the importance of interaction on mental health.

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