Social Media News Round Up – 2018 Recap Special with Natalie Eminae.

Updated: Apr 22

By Pascal Fintoni, Leon Howe and Natalie Eminae

Welcome to part 1 of 2 of our ‘Getting Your Social Media Back On Track’ episodes, we review the best strategies and apps of 2018 as recommended by our go-to expert Natalie Eminae and we reflect on the 4 major trends that will help you get more results from your social media activities:

[00:01:55] In January 2018, Natalie asked us to concentrate on a smaller number of platforms and use the ‘reclaimed’ time to practise creating more useful content. Also, the advice was to go out there and get comfortable recording videos on your mobile phone.

[00:06:15] In February 2018, Natalie recommended taking advantage of the extra character count on Twitter and adding more targeted hashtags. The app of the month was buzzsumo.

[00:09:40] During our Spring 2018 recording, Natalie encouraged all of us to go mobile first and make full use of the vertical screen for our visuals and videos. The app of the month was Adobe Photoshop Express.

[00:14:35] For our Summer 2018 episode, Natalie asked us to invest more time building relationships with micro-influencers and community managers in order to extend our reach. The app of the month was the ‘refreshed’ Facebook Advertising Manager.

[00:24:05] In September 2018, Natalie made a strong case for planning ahead our Autumn and Christmas campaigns with a particular eye on engaging content. The app of the month was Linkedin Social Selling Index.

[00:28:00] In October 2018, Natalie suggested that we should get ready to manage our customer enquiries via social media as this may become the number 1 channel for our audience. The app of the month was WhatsApp For Business.

[00:34:40] I proposed a summary of the 4 main trends for 2018:

1. Light, Camera, Action… or the need to be using video content from pre-recorded to live on social media to increase reach and reactions from your audience.

2. Once Upon A Time… how Stories have become so important to increase engagement with adding micro-blogging to your daily and weekly activities

3. In For A Penny, In For A Pound… or the need to include advertising as part of your weekly activities, start small and increase your budget on what works best for your and your community

4. Why Can’t We be Friends… how groups have had a positive impact on many of our customers and trainees, more meaningful interaction and better results for everyone.

[00:45:50] A final review on all the major platforms by Natalie, starting with Twitter and then looking at the tumultuous year for Facebook, the highs and lows of Instagram and some encouraging signs from Linkedin.

Thanks Pascal, Leon and Natalie! For more information see

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