Making the most of Microsoft Office 365

Delivered by Changing Social

A large % of us use Microsoft Office every day, but are we really using it to its full potential? This session will look at some of the features of Office 365 that makes it more than just a word processing tool!

This session will show you how to:

*Turn on autosave to save your document to the cloud. So, you never lose your work.

*Use Version History so you can go back to earlier versions of a document.

*Share the document so you can start collaborating and work at the same time.

*Add comments to documents and notify peers.

*Use OneDrive to synchronize files to your device and easily use them when you want.

*Collaborate from anywhere using Microsoft 365 mobile apps.

*Use OneDrive on just about any device

*Manage OneDrive files and folders

*Share and sync your files

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