How To Avoid Burnout And Have The Energy To Create Great Content

Updated: Apr 22

Aileen Smith also known as The Health Heroine.

We talk to Nutritional Therapist and Healthy Lifestyle Coach Aileen Smith about avoiding the ‘wired and tired’ feeling and how to have ‘high flying energy’ to drive your digital marketing forward.

In this episode, we ask Aileen to share her advice and suggestions on:

  • Why you have to be a walking advert for your business, and why looking worn out and tired is bad for business

  • How a 24/7 culture is giving more people burnout and chronic fatigue

  • Why working hard and playing hard is bad for your health

  • Why you don’t just get ill one day but lay bad foundations over many years

  • The signs of being tired and wired: not able to get up, feeling tired, sweaty palms, being jittery, overreliance on stimulants, unable to sleep

  • Why cortisol the stress hormone is linked to circadian rhythms and sleep patterns

  • How to disengage from electronic devices

  • How to look after yourself: develop a VIP mindset, balance blood sugar, prepare for the unexpected, eat fresh food and how to support yourself

  • How simple steps around food can make a difference: eat regularly, balance your plate, make healthy food choices

  • Why hydration is important and how to drink more water

  • How easy activity and movement can improve your health

  • Why you need to build new habits slowly and one at a time

Key resources mentioned by Aileen Smith in this episode:

Blood sugar and GL diet expert Patrick Holford’s website Pillars of Health for Energy from Dr Rangan Chattergee: and podcast: Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef:

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