F8 Facebook Conference 2018 Round Up

By Pascal Fintoni, Digital Marketer and Digital Drive speaker

In this first episode for the newly branded ‘Social Media Newsroom’ video series, I asked Natalie Eminae to share her reactions and views on the main announcements made during the annual Facebook developers conference:

[00:01:30] our general feelings about the content and the tone of the 2018 conference and how it compared to 2017

[00:10:30] a recap on Facebook’s 10-year plan and some early indications of what is to come in the very near future

[00:12:30] our reactions to Facebook’s vision to provide an environment for ‘meaningful communities’ and what it means for marketers and business owners

[00:16:05] a review of the ‘Social Graph’ and how Facebook is going to prioritise the posts appearing in news feeds and the impact of Facebook Groups

[00:27:30] the importance of Stories to lead or contribute to a meaningful community, what are they and how can we take advantage of that feature?

[00:32:50] how Facebook is making video content a key elements of social interaction by increasing live video and video chat, introducing social viewing and live commentating

[00:39:30] the addition of augmented reality content and features to stimulate reactions and conversations between people and businesses

[00:45:00] a look at the examples of ‘Bots’ used on Facebook Messenger app and how we will be able to add a Facebook Messenger plug-in on your websites, yes we are excited about this news!

[00:58:45] final thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and what Facebook is testing out in terms of 3D photos and videos, Virtual Reality and machine learning

[01:05:55] I asked Natalie for her final advice on how we should take advantage of the changes to the Facebook eco-system and what is required of us to run a meaningful community

Source: https://pascalfintoni.com/f8-facebook-conference-2018-round-up/

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