Creating Your Digital Marketing Action Plan for 2020-21

Practical and jargon-free, this masterclass is guaranteed to make you think differently about digital marketing and to create your best action plan yet!

Who is it for?

Beginners to Intermediate – decision makers who are new to digital marketing or are disappointed by the results to date, perhaps undecided about the many options available today, maybe in need of a fresher perspective?

What will I learn?

Together we will learn how to create the best online reputation for you and your business and the fastest way to become a trusted supplier in your sector.

Designed for maximum impact, this masterclass is facilitated by digital marketing trainer and consultant Pascal Fintoni. Using his favourite ‘Rule Of 3’ you will take part in 6 interactive modules:

Part 1. Rediscover Digital Marketing - A ‘scene setting’ module about the 3 key elements of your digital marketing action plan and strategy for 2020-21:

Content Creation – Content Publication – Content Amplification©

Part 2. Your Content Amplification Action Plan (1) – Get more traffic to your website with the 3 tactics you will add to your SEO marketing strategy this year.

Part 3. Your Content Amplification Action Plan (2) – Get more results from Social Media by introducing these 3 tactics to your social networking activities in over the next few months.

Part 4. Your Content Publication Action Plan – Get more enquiries from your website with the 3 tactics you will add to your website user experience.

Part 5. Your Content Creation Action Plan – Publish better content faster by implementing these 3 tactics for your content marketing strategy this year.

Part 6. Your Digital Marketing ‘Preparation Action Plan’ – we will discuss how to prioritise the various tasks to help you complete the design of your 2020-21 Digital Marketing Action Plan.

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