10 ways to improve your website design and conversion

In this recording of our regular ‘Lunch and Learn’ series, our Digital Skills and Training Manager reflects on the new mindsets we should adopt as website managers and how to improve our overall website experience for better results from our digital marketing activities.

As with all our other online training sessions, you can either watch or listen to the whole webinar in one go during your lunchbreak, or you can use the time stamps below to fast-forward to what is of most interest to you. Just make sure you've got a notepad so you don't miss any of the great advice given by our lead trainer Pascal Fintoni.

Part 1 [00:05:00] About Running Websites – some thoughts about the core duties of someone responsible for managing a website and why it is different to designing a website. And why it is important to make website visitors feel looked after so that they feel encouraged to make contact.

Part 2 [00:22:45] The 3 ‘New’ Principles of Digital Marketing – an explanation about the 3 key elements of your digital marketing strategy and the role of your website to help you build the best possible online reputation and become a trusted supplier.

Part 3 [00:42:45] The 3 ‘New’ Mindsets of Website Management - an insight into more recent ways of thinking about owning and running a website from scrapbooking to a different purpose for websites and embracing your new role as website experience manager.

Part 4 [01:06:35] The 3 ‘Essential’ Website Experience Elements – a comprehensive module on how to review your website experience using the First Impressions, Trust Elements and Calls To Action model. We look at 10 ways you can improve the impact of your website on your visitors and we reflect on the ‘contact us’ page of the future.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and interest in this extended masterclass. Feel free to get in touch with Digital Drive County Durham team with your suggestions for future masterclasses and guests.

Until next time, go out there and create amazing content!

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