Quick Fire Q&A: Lessons From An Entrepreneur And Podcaster with Mark Asquith

Updated: Apr 22

In this interview, we talk about solving your clients’ problems to design and deliver new services and how podcasting became a surprising platform for success.

During the interview, we ask Mark to share his views and thoughts on:

  • where we are in the UK in terms of the adoption of content marketing and what the challenges are

  • how he began as a podcaster in 2011 by following his passion for popular culture and DC comics

  • how he came up with the idea for ‘Podcast Websites’ as a service and solution for other creators

  • why content marketing is not new but it is now more practical and impactful than ever

  • how he regularly identified problems and obstacles to design and launch new solutions

  • why it is important to pay attention to your audience reactions to continuously update your business offers

  • what the difference is between content creation and content marketing and why so many get it wrong

  • how he adapted the format of his podcast episodes from series to seasons and from long-form to short form

  • how he started ‘documenting’ his progress as an entrepreneur and business mentor to help others

  • why you should always seek out the business benefits of your content creation efforts

  • the process he went through to introduce recurring revenue streams for his business

  • the importance to find your ‘true north’ for your business activities and associated content marketing activities

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